About Us

Art Over Order was started by musician and creative Nelene DeGuzman in 2020.  With a background in chemistry, she was initially inspired to create products to fill holes that she saw in the personal care industry.  At the time it was difficult to find products that were clean formulations, vegan, cruelty free but also low waste and mindfully packaged.

Photo Credit: Rosie Clements

Along the way, an interest in amateur perfuming led her to fall deeply in love with candle making and the transportive power of scent.  DeGuzman sees these candles as little pieces of art, captured moments to elevate any space to feel personal and special.  

The name Art Over Order came from a song DeGuzman wrote for her partner in lieu of wedding vows and sums up her thought process behind everything she makes, as an artist, musician and small maker.  Art for the sake of art above all else.